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How to fuel a CNG Vehicle

What is compressed natural gas (CNG)?

CNG is an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel. It is made by compressing natural gas also known as methane to about 1% of its original volume. CNG is safer than gasoline or diesel, as it is non-toxic. it doesn’t contaminate groundwater and soil. Compressed natural gas is also quieter than regular fuels and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to diesel.

CNG Charging

CNG/RNG and Diesel

The process for refueling a natural gas vehicle is almost identical to the process used at local gasoline stations. Most dispensers accept credit cards, and the filling time is similar to using a gasoline pump. Most stations have no attendants on duty, for which you’ll need to follow the instructions provided.

Instructions to operate most public CNG dispensers:

  1. Turn off your engine. Do not smoke.
  2. Remove the vehicle’s dust cap and take the fueling nozzle off its holder.
  3. Align the arrows on the nozzle so they point to each other.
  4. Place the nozzle over the fuel receptacle and push it on.
  5. Rotate the lever so that the arrows point away from each other to lock the nozzle on.
  6. Insert your fleet or credit card and follow the instructions on the screen.
  7. Once payment is authorized, lift the dispenser handle, and fueling will begin.
  8. When the fill is complete, lower the handle to turn the dispenser off.
  9. To disconnect the nozzle, slowly rotate the nozzle handle 180 degrees until the arrows are again pointing to each other.
  10. Remove the nozzle. You may hear a slight release of pressure.
  11. Return the nozzle to its holder and replace the dust cap.


This video explains step-by-step how to charge a CNG vehicle at one of Clean Energy Fuel’s locations:

Clean Energy Fuels - CNG charging instructions

Safety tips

  • Turn off the engine
  • Stop smoking
  • Locate the emergency shutoff
  • Locate fire extinguishers
  • Follow instructions clearly
  • Pay attention to your surroundings

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