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About Us

With Green Truck Rental, you can enjoy guilt-free operations as you cruise across selected metroplexes in a comfortable, innovative vehicle that runs solely on alternative fuels.

With excellent power, grace and efficiency, you own the road in an alternative fuel truck from Green Truck Rental. Being highly cost-efficient and eco-friendly, you need only to bring the vehicle back at the end of the day for no fuel charge or refill it at your local CNG public fueling facility to get it back on the road.


Sustainability at Green Truck Rental

Using alternative fuels and advanced vehicles instead of conventional fuels and vehicles helps the United States conserve fuel and lower vehicle emissions. Alternative fuels for vehicles are currently a topic of growing interest and importance. Natural gas has been the most advanced, proven, and reliable way to operate alternative fuel technologies in Heavy-duty applications. Alternative fuel trucks have been used all over the world and have been gaining popularity amongst fleets because they allow:

  • To save money
  • To lock-in your fuel cost for several years ahead
  • To meet government mandates
  • To reduce reliance on imported fuel
  • To help create local jobs
  • To eliminate fuel theft

Wing Power Systems

In 2021 Wing Power Systems was acquired from Westport, Inc, a leading, provider of CNG and bi-fuel engines for Ford vehicles, to integrate proprietary technology that provides customers with an unparalleled combination of engineering excellence and hands-on fleet management.

  • With Wing Power Systems, NGV Global Group launched the trailblazing line of EPA-certified 7.3L CNG / RNG F-650s in January of 2022 that is Ford QI85 calibrated, optimally configured with a GVWR of up to 25,999 pounds and do not require a CDL to operate
  • This new Ford technology also applies to other F-Line models, including the F-150 through F-350, F-650/750, and F-59.


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