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Our most popular CNG/RNG vehicle configuration


  • Ford F-650 Class 6 Truck No-CDL required

Natural Gas System

  • Westport CNG Bi-Fuel conversion technology for Ford 7.3L engine with EPA certification
  • Wing Power CNG high-pressure system – Type IV tanks with 50+GGE fuel capacity

Box + Liftgate

  • 26ft day freight body by Morgan or Wabash with 3,300LB liftgate by Dhollandia or Palfinger

Why Green Truck Rental?

Outstanding Services

Green Truck Rentals provides customers with all of the rental industry’s common services while using alternative fuel vehicles

  • GPS tracking
  • Quality vehicle reputation
  • Protection plans
  • 24-hour support

Green Alternatives

We are the first company in the country that offers a 100% alternative fuel fleet.

  • Reduce fuel costs by 30%
  • Reduce emissions by up to 60%
  • Improve ESG scores

Fueling Available

CNG fueling is more common and simple than widely thought.

  • Over 50 CNG stations in the DFW metroplex
  • CNG charging takes no longer than gasoline
  • Refueling a CNG vehicle is almost identical to a gasoline-powered vehicle
  • We offer great rates with a partner fueling station

What Makes Us Different?

We offer 100% alternative fuel truck rental. With Green Truck Rental you can enjoy guilt-free deliveries as you cruise across selected metroplexes in a comfortable, innovative vehicle that runs solely on alternative fuels. With excellent power, grace and efficiency, you own the road in an alternative fuel truck from Green Truck Rental. Being highly cost-efficient and eco-friendly, you need only to bring the vehicle back at the end of the day for no fuel charge or refill it at your local public fueling facility to get it back on the road.


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